Medication ECOLAN (TY Y 24.6-30572733-005-2004) is based on sorbent (TY. Y 24.1-30572733-003-2003) and related to the class of biodegradative sorbents that could localize oil polluted areas and destruct adsorbed petrochemicals with the help of biological method. Medication has unexampled performance in cleaning polluted areas, could work with a wide range of temperatures (-5+50c) and doesnt require gathering and liquidating dangerous waste products from polluted area (according to a decision of sanitary- epidemiological commission of experts dated 30.07.2004 N_05.03.02-04/30953).


  • Tests held at Odessa RDF have acknowledged demolition of localized areas of oil up to 99.4%
  • Tests at Dneprotyre have shown the decrease of petrochemicals concentration in water polluted by black oil in 333 times;
  • On 29th of September 2003 medication was used for treatment of oil polluted areas in the result of accident at oil- pipe line DRUZHBA on 232 km. Oil spillage on water surface in storage foundation pit was localized as well as the remains of oil spots on the water surface in the river Latoritsa. After having applied medication there havent been found any traces of oil or oil firma at water surface. So ECOLAN has destructed oil and oil products and has shown its high performance.
  • ECOLAN was successfully used for cleaning the setting basins in cleanout installations in Kyiv (the river Desna); over 6000 kg of water polluted by petrochemicals of different fraction were accumulated in settling basins (contaminations concentration equals 10g/l). Using 8 kg of sorbent the cleaning process lasted less then 1 hour. Cleaning water test has shown the absence of petrochemicals in settling basins;
  • At co- education of Ministry of Emergency situations of Ukraine and Raf-and-Reddy 2004 USA medication ECOLAN was used for cleaning the emergency spillage of petrochemicals and was declared as highly performed and ecological mean of destructing oil and oil products spillage.

      Medication ECOLAN produced of natural raw material doesnt contain any pathogenic medium and is not biologically dangerous during production as well as during storage and use. According to the decision of sanitary-epidemiological commission of experts this medication is related to the forth class of risk (low-hazard substance, GOST 12.1.007-76)


      In contrast to traditionally used cleaning methods such as mechanical, physicochemical, biological, the bio-sorption cleaning method with application of medication ECOLAN doesnt need gathering, exporting and waste disposal from polluted area, it allows to localize and liquidate contamination as quick as possible (in a period of 10 minutes) and the last thing that polluted area does not require extra cleaning procedure. ECOLAN is effective both with low and medium concentration as well as with high concentration of petrochemicals. As a result of ECOLAN application residual stocks are baldheads, organic acids, carbonic gas and water.


...Unique preparation by the efficiency of new generation, for removing from an organism of radiation, cesium, radio-nuclides , heavy metals, toxins and the most important blockings of the factors leading development of oncological diseases, and as treatment of consequences of an alcoholism and a narcotism.
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